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How do you add an application tab to the Facebook page?

How do you add an application tab to the Facebook page?


I show you how to test liking the page with Facebook test users, but one detail was missing. It was on purpose, because it’s not related only to the test users. When you have a Facebook page and the application, how do you add the application tab to your page?

A long time ago, the was a link on the application page, which let you add it directly to the page. After the application pages have been removed, the link doesn’t exist anymore. Now, the application pages are kind of back. So you have two options of doing it.

1. Use the direct link

Paste this link to the browser and replace “APPID” in it with the ID of the application which you want to add to the page. You get it on your app’s settings page. Once you do that, a page with the list of pages you can add the application to will show up.


2. Use a link on the application page

If the application page does have a page, there is a link which you can click. It’s a bit more user friendly, than copying and pasting the URL and replacing the application ID in it. Just go the the application page and click “Add App to Page”


Which approach do you like more?